You Are Sound Itself & You Are Flight

I’m blogging again. It’s already  a hot summer in Dallas, Texas. After moving back from years on the road, in California, in transit, I’ve landed myself a scholarship to my first graduate school of choice, SMU, Southern Methodist University. The hits keep on coming. In a few days I will launch a GoFundMe campaign to help get me out of a financial hold from Stanford University and successfully into graduate school because what a waste it would be to come all this way and let a thing like money stand in the way. I haven’t always been the most responsible or reasonable when it comes to my education but I’ve been pretty consistent on my pursuit. I still want to open an art school, I still want to make beautiful things, and I still think art is vital to making the world a better place, I still think climate change hinges on a cultural element, I’m still an anarchist, I’m still an anticapitalist, and I’m still a lover to my bones. Please join me on this trip. I’ve got a mouth on me, it’s for the best, the better to eat you with some may say, but how else are you going to know I’m smiling.

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