The Nomadic Pause

I’m working on school stuff before school starts to start school smart. Say that five times fast. Here’s a poem. I’ve got some major projects in mind, a book, a performance that I am looking to travel, 3-D art, and a film project, I’m looking for a venue to host a twice monthly poetry series. All the funds raised are going towards funding these projects and more, plus my luxurious lifestyle. I’m really building a collector base, every $100 funded will receive a piece of artwork of creating a special collection of works. I will be releasing works throughout the school year.


River against the, riding he, in bows, the, sky chose, we, draw straws and, those, short words, I put together like a bridge, current, on the stage, by now, expecting, practiced, and precisely, drawn, back, the coursing, blood oath, or, omen, for the struggle, we have always, faced, however, might, coward, wash hands, in this font, I, took you, to place, a state, like beings, thought, clever, cleaving, prophecy,  from the origins, of surviving.

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