Mandatory Happy Hour

I’m counting days, there is a lot of impending items on my agenda pressing on my brain so hard it feels like I’m going to explode. I’ve got school in August, which I’ve been out of for 7 years now, I’ve got a teaching job with middle schoolers in July, I’m going to Vietnam to my Babu at the end of July. There is something I thought about today about pressure and being myself. I think it was attached to a song, there are points for anyone that can jog my memory in the comments, I was listening to a lot of Royce the 5’9 today. Work days are going by like the breeze. At lunch today I sent a bunch of email repping my GoFundMe. I’m optimistic and always planning, otherwise submitting to the sadness wouldn’t be a good look, again, I’ve matured too much to be in my feeling like that, the game is on and the wheels are rolling. I’m going to be recording some this weekend for my podcast, Radio100Percent. I’m going to keep it consistent this time, I’m trying to approach my art practice from all angles, it just takes commitment and discipline on my part, things I’ve struggled with but that’s why I’m going back to school in the first place, for some rigor and more credibility. I work hard and I want to do more than just sell art, I’m not happy just selling art, I want to be heard, and its hard. I riffed a little while today on how middle class kids of which I was one can fall through the cracks with the mining of the middle class in the United States. I can guess that it is happening world wide, no one ever stays in the middle, so I’m going for elevation. I will also be reviewing some of my older artworks to familiarize you, the viewer/collector, with my artwork. Sometimes I wonder what in my trajectory has kept me out of gallery shows and its mostly been my unwillingness to buy into to a commission on my own work. I thought that’s what day jobs were for, no disrespect, I have a day job. I’m in bed listening to 2 Chains and editing a photo project for a special person. Send me some tunes and stay tuned for Radio100Percent.

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