Collections: The KOs

This segment is dedicated to old works. I’m going to cover a little video series I did in 2012 for my first poetry book, The KOs. There are a lot of iterations of the poems in this collection, too many for me to keep up with, I’ve recorded all the poems in this series in audio book edition, now lost to broken technology. I performed some at various open mics around the Bay Area when I was shopping the manuscript, nothing really came of that, I did end up making the book and self publishing it but no book deal or nothing, poetry books are hard to get picked up, I hear there is a resurgence now with zines and chap books popping up all over the place. The videos presented are probably some of my favorite pieces created for the series. They break down into two generations, there is a visual set, the written works produced in video format in the style of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Young-Hae and Marc are the only two artists I’ve tried to emulate and my first art influences that I got to work with. The second set are from a party I threw where I recorded some performers performing my works. I did the directing and editing of the videos, There are 40 poems in The KOs, one day I’d like to make a video for each, that’s a long term project, maybe for an anniversary. The poems in this collection sort out my life leaving Stanford, returning to Stanford, living in working in Seoul and New York City, family history, relationships, mental illness and my institutionalization. There is also one of the oldest poems I’ve written in there called The Black Letters. I think the whole book is due for an update and it will get the treatment as I work on a monograph of my works. Until then enjoy the imperfections.

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