I Left My Windows Down In The Rain

I put in my 2 weeks at my day job last Friday. I won’t talk about it but I did write a letter, so there is that. I’m a little under the weather, I mean climate change is a real thing after all and I’m in the elements, arguably my element, I just need to boost my immune system, staying inside all the time can’t be the best thing for my health. I digress. I’ve got the first episode of Radio100Percent, the new first episode, for the MFA edition. It’s all edited. I’ve been working on a commission the last three weeks, sorry for the erratic posts, I’m working on a formula, the heat mixed with the rain should be reassuring but instead all the nostalgia of past days have been overwhelming. I’ve been doing a lot of laying around my apartment naked and navel gazing on the outside of making artworks. I’ve let for long hours of streaming online content look at me naked, for sure. I’m going to follow this post with a update for my GoFundMe. I got some good news in an email today, I’m also not going to talk about it. My fundraising goal is still at zero but I’m not worried, I still take that Talib Kweli album to heart. I’ve got a longing for the ocean and sand and fishing. See you soon.

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