Radio100Percent MFA Edition: Pop Culture Intersections

Pop Culture Intersections

Guest Jonathan Molina Garcia (Pupusahands)

Runtime: 24:10
Dezaulait – Without Love ( Rumor Has It Part I)
Ry Cooder – Canción Mixteca
YungDoji – If I Could Then I Would…change it all for the better (Rumor Has It Part II)
Ma.Boii – night time (Rumor Has It Part II Continued)

Welcome to the Radio100Percent. This is the first episode of the MFA edition. Xxavier is my name, I’m your host, Every month I’ll be talking fine art with a different guest. This episode we covered capitalism, pop culture, queer theory, race in a conversation with PupusaHands, Jonathan Molina Garcia. In an ongoing effort to gain some footing in a money driven and white male dominated history, these broadcasts look to push the bar and displace much of the old thought surrounding art and sound an voice for the progress of art as liberating, creative force to supplant white supremacy and capitalism. The goal is to make art more than a leverage for middle class goals or upper class cultural privilege. Art is a vehicle for all people and in the minutes it takes to say what need to be said the view will surely change. Try and keep up. I talk slow. I want to thank Jonathan for being my first guest. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, clickbait, send them this way, and It’ll come up. I’m bad at goodbyes so here is part two of Rumor Has It. Enjoy.


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