I scrapped my GoFundMe page yesterday. I remembered how much I don’t like crowdfunding. Its not like I have medical expenses im trying to take care of, people open their pockets for tbings like that, I’m just trying to pay off some debt. On y va. I’ve got training for a week long teaching job with the Big Thought Project. I’m excited. I’m going to go for my PhD after i finish my MFA so i can pass on all this knowledge. Its one of those life long dreams of mine to start an art school, i think I’ve said that before but its always worth repeating the cause. Classes start, for me, on the 21st. I’m a little anxious. I’ve been checking my horoscope every day and everything seems on the up and up. I smudged my apartment last night to get whatever this feeling is off my back before then. Ive still got a lot of work before July 19th rolls around and I go on vacation. So manynof my friends are over in europe and I’m in Dallas getting rained on. It could be worse, thats not a consolation and not an wish either, just something we say without thinking. I was thinking about how I’m going to feel in a couple years being debt free and full of new ideas around what ive been thinking about for so many years. It’s all very stimulating.

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