All In A Day’s Work

I’m switching banks from Bank of America to a local bank. Today is Saturday, it’s a good day, I started with donuts and mailed a bunch of art out to collectors and friends, one and the same, really. I’m transitioning into school life. and to ring it in I sent my boss a letter of resignation. He just scowled at me. Bad guys are bad guys, I’m not trying to work for people that don’t do good business. It’s going to be interesting going into non profit work, I’ve done some before and this is temporary, Dallas is its own beast economy. I’m torn between finding a part time job and living in poverty, neither one of which are very much of a choice, I need one, it’s just the hours that I want. I haven’t has a night job since Seoul, I’d really be into that. These are all musings. Where am I going to find the most inspiration and be able to balance a class schedule. Scratch all that, I would ultimately not work a part time job and just focus on my art, we shall see what it is, I’ve got some ideas. I’m going to my first open mic in Dallas, stand alone open mic type thing. I’m going to work on some newer stuff, rumor has it. I’m counting the days before vacation. I do need a vacation. New episode of Radio100Percent on the wayyyyyy. I also need some love.

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