Review: Sounds of Crenshaw Vol:1

Between recording and rolling out of bed to go get donuts. I’ll start over. After getting donuts and getting back into bed to edit the upcoming podcast, I clicked onto youtube to put on some tunes before going to close my bank account at boa and found The Polyseeds fresh release. Sounds of Crenshaw Vol.1 threw me into the deep end of funky soul tunes from an era blending the tastes of Kool and the Gang and G riders. There are a lot of acts that tip on the feeling that The Polyseeds hit on full throttle and that is where The Polyseeds shine. Supergroups can be hit or miss and this combination is a dead aim at great. Little bits of nostalgia like the I can’t swim of P Funk flow with the keys of Digital Underground in a new mash of brilliance, smooth and rich and grooving. Its not on the one track or on the two track, every song on this album takes you to a place of a saxophone singing to you at dusk, right before the freaks come out, right before the stars come out, right before the lights come on and wheels turn under palm trees on the way to somewhere, anywhere, with a cool breeze and the still heat of the golden state.

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