In Turn

Back at home and in bed, missing and all. On with it then. I’ve moved into my studio on campus. I haven’t taken the dimensions but its big. I’ve really been home since Wednesday which felt like Thursday after hours of airports and flight. All and all its Monday now and in some a little over a week I’ll be going into orientation. I keep talking about all my bright ideas and I’m looking forward to doing it some more. 

This Saturday I’m having a party to welcome the space. The other night I formally did that with an hour plus poem and most ofnthe breath in my lungs. I’m not trying to waste anymore breath.

I’ve been working on cover art and inserts for the zines in my store. Today I’ll finish one more then I’ll start populating the pages. I think in the same way I’m going to redesign some of the smaller zines into A4 booklets. I did a test print yesterday with Jonathan and I really like that size probably just as much as I like the pocket sized books. There were some typos in that version after I pulled all the poems from instagram so this will give me another crack at finding the words. I’ve also got to do some media management. My goal is to have my goods easily browsable before classes start so I can print to order. I’ve also got to call the post office on a print that never made it to its owner, sorry HBC. My first order of business for the day is in the works, laundry.

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