Thoughts: On Values, Order, and Structure

Some think values are meant to hold order. I think that is weakness of understanding to hinge values, especially collective values on order. What of the hateful values of white supremacists, what order is present in that value system, one that destabilizes with violence, the threat of violence? These are not values. They do not collect the whole rather dissolve the structure of society in all manners. There is disambiguation needed for values, as wealth is formed through value, and the aforementioned order of values are spread over swaths of culture and overlap into various systems. I’ve penned values as a set of actions that remind us of our better selves. With value being operative in forming systems, a dynamic form is required to place it. With our beings always in a state of flux, memory is the attainable piece that forms our reality, and values like record inform on that reality our higher beings in the connectivity to one another.


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