Radio100Percent MFA Edition: Orientation


Guest Jer’lisa Devezin
Runtime: 27:52

Of Cities and Escapes – The Poppy Family
Tyrant – Kali Uchis
The Same Old Mistakes – Rihanna

What direction are we headed? Colleges and Universities all over the United States are starting soon or have started soon, like I said, I’m in week two of a program I’ve thought about since I was an undergrad in California, many years ago. All that time seemed like a grand other that has pretty much remained true. I haven’t adjusted, I didn’t think even that I would do that adjusting. It is what it is. I do feel acclimated to my place here in Texas to a degree. I’ve been here since December, the weather doesn’t bother me as much, but I still need a job to pay my bills, rent, insurance, but I can find free food on campus occasionally. The kids I TA for look at me with some kind of deference, that’s a good feeling. I must be headed in the right direction then. If there ever was a right way to take this thing, does orientation mean being in line with the concepts of the above others that you can agree to the big important? Right now I’m supposed to be questioning my world in the continuum of art and contextualizing my work, that’s if I want to go that route. Anyway it’s an experience, yes, and like all experiences it is what you make of it. I’ve got a lot of autonomy, but I don’t feel free, I’m certainly not free.

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