I’m heading to San Francisco Friday for a performance. I’m still sorting out the time I can write this and I think it will be a kind of forethought that if I schedule I will be more satisfied with the thoughts I put down. The third week of classes is winding down. I’m in the process of booking Saul Williams to meet with the MFA class. The event is still in the air, academics being what it is from a bureaucracy standpoint but I would be ecstatic to make this happen so early in the year. I’ve been granted some money to make some new works on paper I am really excited about. I haven’t stalled on my performance. I’m actually a bit hoarse from reading the last few days. I’m extending the project into a series of videos. The thought came together after meeting with one of the other first years. I think I will put it together as a series with a number of different directors. I had a very intensive plan of making a documentary during this time in my practice but I think this idea would be a better fit and better research for new works as well as a great chance to collaborate. Stay tuned

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