Review: Acts of Aggression


The Pollock Gallery is not featuring Acts of Aggression, an exhibition about community, featuring the work of 11 contemporary Guatemalan Artists, curated by Laura A. L. Wellen. The works tackle the impinging boarders and identities in a contemporary landscape reconciling with its past. The works exhibit a visual component of play in forms, moving between building block sculptures and assemblages of leisure,  video works featuring a kind of hide and seek between frontiers of the body and space, gestural representations of two dimensional image making, and experiential soundscape. Participating artists include Hellen Ascoli, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Edgar Calel, Manuel Chavajay Moralez, Margarita Figueroa, Jorge de León, Reyes Josué Morales, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer, Mario Santoizo, and Inés Verdugo

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