Old News

I left a nearly empty notebook on my outgoing flight to San Francisco. I slept most of the afternoon and evening. My flight is in a few hours. I feel refreshed. Lots of new ideas for sculptures.

Did you know I have three jobs on campus, technically four? I get paid for three of them and technically only one of them. I still have a part time job in San Francisco. I can make a months rent in an hour. My travel is included.

I’m going to try and not lose you. I haven’t written a poem in months, but that changed this morning.

Monday I will be 31 years old.

I’ve got a studio visit tomorrow with the artist Robyn O’Neil. In the last week I’ve abandoned and doubled down on what I think is really at the heart of my practice. Most of what I would like to talk about is better for an artist talk instead of my artist statement but I’m making it better. I’m on my third statement in the last week.

I’m going fishing this weekend and gathering materials for an installation. I set out a goal to have a scale model built of this structure I’m working on. I think I’ll have three versions together if I really put my mind to it. The question is which one will I like the most. I’ve also got two mixed media pieces to put together..

I’ve been doing a lot of reviews and I’ll put out another one by the end of the week.

I’m going to reach out to the SMU football office about a social practice piece I want to do. It may not really be social practice and may be more education/activism/outreach. The lines are all blurred, anyone with a television could see that.

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