Radio 100 Percent MFA Edition: Work

Runtime: 33:17


Repetition – Tearist

I Told You I’d Be With The Guys -Cherry Glazer

Mean Demeanor – Run The Jewels

Get Some featuring Kamille – Ghosted

Silkk Da Shocka featuring Syd – Isiah Rashad

Congratulations featuring Quavo – Post Malone

Hey Mujhe Dil De Nahi Toh – Shashi Kapoor

September’s episode of Radio100Percent is about work. Monday October 2nd was my birthday. I’ve been school for 45 days. Last month I averaged 10848 steps per day. I recorded a few audio clips on what my work was about while making it, I still haven’t listened to them. They’re sitting on my phone. I haven’t had the time to transfer them to my computer.

I don’t consider myself busy, I have a schedule. September, I’m going to talk through, then I’m going to play some songs for the transition into my birthday month, October.

I’ve got four jobs on SMU campus, and may be adding more. I’ve been trying to contain myself to serving all my monetary needs between SMU and independent work. I’m on a fixed income from the MFA program, 150 dollars every two weeks. Ideally that covers my health insurance. For that I am a TA and a Gallery Attendant for the Pollock Gallery. I am also the sports editor of the Rotunda Yearbook. I’m building my resume with this one. I also have a monthly position, non paid with the Graduate Student Council.

I’ve been doing more reviewing. It’s a carry over of my readings. I have a meeting with some potential references for my application to the Obama Foundation Fellowship. In that meeting I’m going to discuss a paid blogging position mentioned to me as a potential source of income. For two weekends I have been scheduled to work in San Francisco. I’ve received the bulk of my income from these trips. October is going to be a busy month with my window for travel very low. I’ve been doing sex work for about 2 years now. It really does pay the bills. If I could do more I would book myself out every weekend. When I can I like to perform. September also had two cancelations. Every few days during the programming cycle for a private collection in Dallas I guard art.

In the studio I am working on a large installation project around a narrative and character I’ve created for a poem, The Royal Edward. The name is obvious. I’ve recovered tree sections, a deep freezer, and incorporated a collection of found and altered objects for these works. I’ve also acquired paper and ink to work on a new drawing series. I’m working on my largest drawing to date right now. The installation is a performance, a tomb/time machine, multiple relics, projections, a book, photographs, offerings, and documentation. A quote I’ve recorded is that I am trying to possess myself. The work is exploring alter ego and social engineering, A part of the work is institutional critique. I’ve thought of this project as a two year project and as of now I think I will have more free time than I considered. Filling that space is an unknown. That uncertainty has a lot of potential.

This music block I’m starting out with a track from a band I head at a dinner in The Cedars, It’s Repetition by Tearist, then I’ve got Cherry Glazer with I Told You I’d Be With The Guys, Mean Demeanor by Run The Jewels, Get Some by Ghosted featuring Kamille, then Silkk Da Shocka featuring Syd by Isiah Rashad, Congratulations featuring Quavo by Post Malone, and Hey Mujhe Dil De Nahi Toh by Shashi Kapoor. 100 Percent For Sure.

I am exploring conflict. My research has centered around medieval art work and sex. Capitalism plays a big role. Most recently I have been considering the relationship between feminity as expressed in monastic culture and womanhood, all this centering on text and imaging. In the unsaid is the relationship between masculinity and authority, and looking toward the celibacy of homosocial spaces in coisters. In creating this character I’ve been looking at the materiality of western Europe and the movement of religion specifically in its artifact, cults and cultural monuments, text, image, and the economies around these artifacts.

Taking these concepts into contemporary art objects, I am exploring fetishization, Freud, film theory. I’m interested in the intersections between performance and social possibility, fantasy and economy, story and architecture. I’m confronting challenges of scale, tradition, immediacy, detail. In maintaining a budget my first risk is balancing my time and energy. The size I work at doesn’t slow down my speed. I take the most time of creating around new media technology and materials that have multiple steps in their realization. My process around sculpture is very labor intensive, objects, I find for me, coalesce after I can place the object. The best example of this is the central relic I am making. There is a ceramic component that I am only now beginning to realize in form. I’m making the relic to also function in my kitchen as a table and freezer combo. In transforming the already functioning freezer, I am putting a tile covering and wood embellishment on a frame enclosing the freezer. In its presentation I’ve included a number of salvaged wood pieces. I found that many of the wood pieces were infested with carpenter ants. In making the wood usable in the work I’ve created a process I’ve documented as the creation of a pigment through an alchemy of harvesting and reducing to ash the carpenter ants and bits of organic material. These side projects evolve out of organically and have carry over in the overall building of the narrative structure surrounding the relics I am creating for the work, sometimes resulting in new materials like this example. All this increases the sustainability of my practice.

October I’ll be back with more interview and music. Any questions, comments, conversations, reach out to my the contact page. This is a recording.


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