Thoughts On: Cyborgs

This is going to come off as a wandering and probably long winded write up that only touches briefly in the topic at hand, cyborgs. Criticize me in the comments.

I’m going to define cyborgs as once human that has taken on the inorganic as a part of their body, as an extension of their body, moving their body into a definition that is no longer human nor completely transcendent, dead. The undead may have been post human but were not cyborgs, as i recognize their at once dead state, having taken on the organic, disease, blood, scratches from cursed animals, as a part of their reconstitution, their bodies while transcendent do not posess and are not wanting of the inorganic. In fact, the ghoul, as i will be using to refer to the undead, has a preternatural longing for the organic, recognized in their devouring of flesh, raising ghoul armies, it is a desire to return and carry on the movemnets of humanity, minus the shitting.

The cyborg seeks the afterlife. However conscious the lust of a new ascension through the immorality of things is one that seeks to divorce what is soul from the experience. We make our gods in our image but better, the unblinking eye advanced to automatic and all seeing is no longer an eye, the eye has become fixed, more monument to vision than the eye. The cyborg looks to become part of the landscape in the same way, elemental, the light as apparatus and purpose defined in body. Mystery has been released and mastery has become the goal, knowing is no longer loving but rising above through a narrow understanding. In the garden there was a choice many fold and to consume became the path of understanding. To eat the light, the cyborg has become satiated with the immaterial, but only by the immaterial. 

On the battlefield the landscape is endless. It is the tactile nature of war, the replication of a feeling, where victory is all other things but the action because if the action were to end so would the constructed world. The cyborg does not assume this, the knowing is programed in its being and perpetuated in its reinforcing of the constructed world, a world of totality in its neverending, all things contained and never more to come.

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