Artist Statement for 2018

Hello, this is actually the second post of 2018, the first one will pop up tomorrow, Tuesday, around 7AM depending on your time zone. Here is my artist statement for 2018. I’ll be sticking with this one. It doesn’t say everything, it starts the conversation.



The focus of my work is cultural memory. In the spaces of memory, in contested territories, in collective spaces, in forgetting, in remembering, and all the objects around those acts, the images, and other senses that allow is to craft our reality, we create ourselves. My interest is in black liberation, spirituality, nature, technology, performance, and architecture. What I’m drawn to is how people interact with one another through these mediums and the pressure of capitalism on the working class worldwide. Poetry is a large component of my visual world, I see it as a guiding element in my work, using text as a spring board to give the audience an easy access point into the more difficult parts of my work.

Juxtaposition and patterns and our relationship to the things that we see as significant helps me create. The act of camouflage and the way images recede and expose themselves in the picture plane characterize my work. I explore the history of luxury goods and movements of people and the economic repercussions of these movements as a way of entering conversation with how society expresses value. The conflicts around globalization, specifically the proliferations oppression and how traumatic experiences are manifested and exercised are very important to me. I see my work as a way of liberating myself from these hierarchies while voicing a reality obscured by imperialism.

The natural world as a place of commonality is of special interest to me. The regenerative aspects of the planet and the cycles that are inherent in the seasons reflect themselves on our bodies and I try and embody this change in my work. I live and work in an urban environment that is heavily constructed with layers of meaning that stratify themselves through the social structure. I see performance as a creating of ritual and a means of transferring the power that is built into cultural narratives. As a way of mapping out territory and change that happens in nature my work explores the evolving urban landscape, finding ways to balance the development that is key to mankind now and a future on a planet with finite resources.

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