Changing Light

Tuesdays I lead an acting class for senior citizens in Pleasant Grove in preperation for an upcoming production by the Dallas Public Works Theater. Thursdays I assist an artist that is doing the same thing in Oak Cliff. In February the Oak Cliff group will be performing a showcase for Black History Month. Poetry and monologues. A few weeks in February I led that group through some previously prepared poems, mostly stuff from the Harlem Renaissance and some Maya Angelou. I still haven’t met the courses instructor, maybe today will be that day. As for my class, I’ve given monologues from Titus Andronicus, the deep end approach. The first day went well. A few asked if there was a place they could see the production for notes, like on youtube, I’ve directed them to the Julie Taymor 1999. It’s an interesting group. There’s a reverend, a Vietnam Vet, black liberationists, former business women, mothers, and grandparents.

This afternoon I’ve got a meeting with Barnaby Fitzgerald the painter. In prep for my book project I’ve got a great team of artists as advisors, Melanie Clemmons helping me with the digital book and Michael Corris in a general advisory role.

The first week of classes is almost done. I’ve got two recordings on the way to close out the month and start the next. Until then.

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