In the lead up to this semester I submitted work to a number of conferences and festivals. With two announcements gone I’ve received one rejection and am expecting another. I’m taking it in stride. My personal life has been a good teacher. In the face of disappointment I generally get over things quickly, getting on with things. If I’ve learned anything I’m not one to be tied down so the idea of being bound to a bad feeling while at once seems absurd all too usual is the err of sentiment for being let down, a gentle reminder of our humanity.

I have a trip lined up for Friday. I spent my morning framing works I will be delivering on that trip plus one for a new collector in Dallas. I want to be more active this semester, not necessarily in the art scene, maybe just go out to some more shows. This past Friday was the first meeting of the DFW Grad Consortium. I’ve gathered that I am one of two black male identifying persons in an MFA program in the area. I want to meet this other. I also want to find out in the state what the numbers are. Whatever this time is I’d like to make a few friends. I’m thinking of my next stop already. Wanna go for a ride?

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