Part Deux

Just landed in San Francisco.

Here is the second partbof my artist statement. It focus on my current works and has a bit more poetic flare.


Xxavier Edward Carter

My current works center on the book as a means of conveyance for information and the epic poem as a tool for revolution. The forms that come out of this book are the visual representations interpreted through a loose definition of instructions gleaned from the book form. A large ceramic vessle with a wooden body topped with a mirror, a painstakingly detailed drawing completed predominately in ballpoint pen, the detritus from two years of institutionalization, bottles of napalm, the relequary of a tree, a vinetted perdormance of the poem, all are representations made object from words on the page. The book itself exists in a digital format speaking to the proliferation and reproduction of ideas from the intimate to the communal. My objective if to bring to life another world where the book is equal record of time as creative product with the poem being the vessle for moving that work between spaces.

This work is not confined to the forms represented they are illustrations of an idea of progress. The words captured in the poem are sourced and limited to one experience and in that are imbued with a singular life, the kind of idea of blood, not a concrete existance, or even general form, a fluid understanding that at a time the humors of humans existed as a body alone created from what was like water in a color that bound us all together. This work does not seek to dominate the concepts it converses with, rather in its representations works more simply as holds for the audience on a moving surface. It would be easier to fix a meaning to this work as some kind of everlasting or totemic space of blackness by blackness, that would limit the experiences of the initiated in blackness, instead many voices speak through this work as a way to bring the chorus of life to song.

“So, la, ti, do, in joy and sorrow.”

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