Pulling From The Jaws of a Dream (Forces of Nature)

This trip to the Bay Area was eventful. Along with a successful performance andengaging interviews, i was able to see some old friends, make new friends, and find a potential collaborator on a Goldfish Dreams project. My calendar looks like a rainbow. Generally speakimg this is anxiety producing, my second mind sees excitement, i know there is a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks. I’m also looking for a new roommate for March. I think things will work out, i have to make more money so more hustling. I didnt break my no drinking or caffine resolution this entire trip, even after staying up 24 plus hours in the lead up to my performance on Sunday. I did go over budget however with a trip to the dentist, I don’t have any cavities anymore. I didn’t know this but it was my dentist’s wedding anniversary today. I only know this because I went to the hairdresser with her on her wedding day. Interesting story. It would be nice to not have to spend money on the ride home from the airport. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

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