Artist Statement 3/2

I had 420 words and I didn’t like that. Now with 387 words. Like Neil Young said, number add up to nothing. Maybe best if listened to with this.


The focus of my work is cultural memory. In the spaces of memory, in contested territories, in collective spaces, in forgetting, in remembering, and all the objects around those acts, the images, and other senses that allow us to craft our reality. Black liberation, spirituality, nature, technology, performance, and architecture are key themes I use to explore interactions between people. I take an interdisciplinary approach to making work using mediums ranging from every day pen a paper to high grade marble tile, it is a mix of assemblage pulled through abstraction to a process oriented making. With poetry as a guiding element for my work, text acts as a platform for the finished products that never quite finish, granting the audience an access point into the difficultly making meaning. The visual style of my work blends nature and architecture with storytelling elements that reflect my personal experiences and a wider critical eye on the struggle of the working class. At a glance my work resembles trash. The build up of objects clashing with surfaces. The objects present an overwhelmingly opaque collection of ideas layered with apparent meaning that may just be time catching up as these cast off bits have accrued a form. The history of luxury goods, color, material, and movements of people have come with repercussions we are dealing with as a intricately connected global society. As a way of entering conversation with how society expresses value through the conflicts around globalization, my art becomes a vessel for navigating the web of truths considered transparent but ultimately obfuscated by hegemonic oppression. Building acts of juxtaposition, patterning, and camouflaging I try to expose our relationship to the things that create significance in our lives, revealing in the language around these objects their heritage. I don’t seek to dominate a form but rather imbue a self determinacy onto the object through process. Texas skies, California forests, hills, and urban sprawl, competitive sports fields, international cityscapes from Western Europe, to Northern Africa, to North East Asia, cyberspace all come with unique language and narrative that while at once range widely are also contained in a philosophy that connects everything in existence. The beauty of it all is that we are simply moving on a moving surface with no fixed points, so, la, ti, do, in joy, in sorrow.


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