60 Day Dream

I’ve got just about 2 months until the hosting for this domain expires. I’ve been building a new website on the low so this is an announcement. I’ve got a number of deadlines approaching before I leave for the First bit of the In Praise of Shadows Tour on Friday. I’ve got to write bios. Here’s what I’ve put together so far.


Xxavier Edward Carter is an artist and writer, born in Dallas, Texas. His written work is heavily influenced by the poetry of Amiri Baraka, the artistic works of Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and a love for the plays of Shakespeare. In middle school you could catch him reading Aristotle’s Metaphysics one day, Anna Deavere Smith the next, and Bret Easton Ellis the next all with the same intensity. An early exposure to an eclectic array of music imparted a dynamic lyricism into Xxavier’s poetry. With this also came a consciousness of the diversity of realities people experience across the world and an interest in how people express themselves. Xxavier has shown artwork in England, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and South Korea. Moving forward, Xxavier looks to find collaborators to translate his work into other languages while creating more audio, video, and performance works.

Driven by a need to connect to others through creative engagement, Xxavier Edward Carter has worked to align himself with public arts organizations and educational spaces. Driven a belief that artist involvement in society leads to a richer and stronger communities and that this belief supersedes a political platform, he seeks a philosophy that will reify the bonds between people. As a self described anarchist and militant, he believes that self determinacy brings with it the connective tissue which recognizes the commonality of the struggles against oppression and in combating that oppression the strongest weapon is mind prepared to change.

There are strong religious tones to Xxavier’s work. The bible belt states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas were significant in his early childhood along with an aunt and uncle heavily involved in administration and education aspects of a Christian Church and other relatives and close family friends involved in The 7th Day Adventist and Jehovah’s Whiteness Churches. Christianity, however, was not the only religious community he was exposed to. The Nation of Islam was extremely impactful as his stepfather solicited for the organization and stressed the importance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a liberation theologian. Similarly, Xxavier was engaged with the teaching of the Buddha throughout much of his childhood, researching meditative practices and self awareness. In 4th Grade, Xxavier announced himself as an Atheist and maintained that position until his early 20’s where he now stands as, “somewhere between agnostic and whatever the opposite of what Glenn Beck believes,” sometimes practicing witchcraft and frequently reading astrology.

 The social awareness of Xxavier Edward Carter’s work comes from lived experience. Xxavier was lucky to meet Rosa Parks while in elementary school and is family friends with civil rights activist Juanita Abernathy. The incarceration of his father and the deportation of his stepfather were very impactful in developing a consciousness of what the law is and isn’t. Twice the police raided his home arresting his mother. This experience hasn’t instilled the kind of fear one would expect. Xxavier has remained active in engaging with his communities from a position that politicians and the police are not here to help and both are partisan arms of a capitalist machine meant to deprive the majority of people of their basic human rights. He has served as a California Election Official and been a vocal attendant of city council meetings seeing these acts as civic responsibility rather than a politically motivated because otherwise go unheard.

In 2014 while working in England, Xxavier befriended artist a group of artists and activists involved with the organization Climate Rush. Out of that meeting he became one of the founding members of The Future, a climate change organization with the purpose of raising awareness through global action. Xxavier approaches climate change from a cultural perspective. The devastation of the environment that is taking place due to the overfishing, strip mining, deforesting, industrialized farming, and oil drilling is most effecting those disenfranchised through colonization. The specter of this system warped the perception of the intrinsic value of cultures taken as colonies to be less than that of the colonizer. This system has allowed for the degradation of the planet as simply a commodity under the ownership of a powerful few rather than the land being under the stewardship of the people. It is his hope that through organizations like The Future a sea change in our understanding of value may change.

Xxavier is the founder of Goldfish Dreams LLC//G-D|100% FOR SURE, an arts organization dedicated to the production, promotion, and publication of contemporary art. He is currently working with the Dallas Theater Center and Ignite Dallas as a teaching artist and independent contractor. It is his goal to come to understand more the dynamics around the cultural planning while exploring the possibilities of performance in the arts. Xxavier is a first year MFA Candidate at Southern Methodist University and the Public Relations Chair of the Meadows Graduate Student Council.


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