Tour Diary

There’s is very little to eat in Boston after Midnight. I wandered for about an hour after my performance at the Lizard Lounge because i was hungry. Every place I searched on yelp that said there was food in a within a mile of my hotel was a false positive. I could get a drink but I dont drink anymore. I stayed in Chinatown. My host, Kenny has a lung infection so he put me up downtown. In the morning we talked about a collaboration in Dallas. Before that I was at MIT and Harvard. I tried to visit some independent bookstores, one was closed and the other was more of a novelty. My allergies have cleared up in the cold. I’m still having headaches. The curator of the curremt series at the Lizard Lounge tapped me to perform at another venue later on the tour and if I have free time between dates in New York I’d like to make that happen. Im still debating if I should try and make this Nashville event. I think I would have a good time. I’m on a bus to the next city. There’s a snowstorm coming.

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